Our Projects

On top of Generation Media Group's consulting and contracting services, we also develop new and progressive websites and applications. Here are some of our most successful enterprises to date.

GenerationDUB.com - [web]

GenerationDUB.com was started in 2001 and is one of the leading websites that caters to Volkswagen owners and modders. Built on a strong community of passionate Volkswagen fanatics the GenerationDUB.com forums serves everyone from certified gear-heads to first time owners.

AutoModder - [web]

AutoModder was created initially to allow users from GenerationDUB.com to select different moddifications to be seen on their vehicle before purchasing the items. With overwhelming success, AutoModder has expanded their database to include several makes and models of Volkswagens and have recently started to include other manufactures.

vHoist - [web, vbulletin plugin]

vHoist features the ability to add pictures, video and content of your car and share them with the rest of the world via the internet. vHoist.com is unique in that it features a plug-in for vBulletin forum which will allow you to display your vHoist on multiple forum website. vBulletin forums are the current leading forum technology for most car enthusiast websites on the internet.

BerryBlab - [blackberry application, vbulletin plugin]

BerryBlab is a BlackBerry application which allows the user to quickly and easily use vBulletin forums on their smartphone, without using the web browser. BerryBlab is the number one selling vBulletin forum reader on the internet.

bbExectuor - [blackberry application]

bbExecutor Blackberry Executor - "bbExecutor" - puts a new spin on the old Executor Keychain Sound toy! 8 Classic assault sounds at your finger tips - from the infamous machine gun, to the arcade-type lasers, and not to mention the cartoonish fall, bombs and explosions!

Launch Start - [web, blackberry application]

LaunchStart allows you to easily create your own Icon which allows your Employees, Customers, Users and Clients to access your website from their mobile Blackberry device in a single click.

Tip Calculator - [blackberry application]

Tip Calculator is a simple tip calculator that looks great and works fast!

Our clients

We treat our clients projects as if they were our own. The same quality and hard work that we put into our projects, get put into our clients projects. We provide the best design, software and support for our customers. Want to see your idea or project come to life? Contact Us for a quote.

Lozzal - [mobile application]

Lozzal is the world's first true local activity suggestion engine. Generation Media Group has created the BlackBerry version of Lozzal's iPhone, iPad and Android counterparts. Lozzal for BlackBerry is currently in beta and will be avalible for download from the app store in September 2010. You will find Lozzal for BlackBerry preinstalled on all major Canadian carriers soon!

ToyWithMe - [mobile application]

ToyWithMe.com Created as a marketing tool for the Toy With Me blog, the Toy With Me vibrator application has 200,000+ downloads and installations on a varity of BlackBerry devices. The Toy With Me application was the one that broke our cherry. And rightfully so.

BBGeeks Forums - [web]

BBGeeks.com called on our extensive knowledge design and install vBulletin Forum Software. One of the leading BlackBerry blogs trusts only the best developers. BBGeeks forums also uses BerryBlab, the worlds most popular BlackBerry vBulletin software.

FowlerCanada.com - [web]

FowlerCanada.com Calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, bore gauges; Fowler Canada has been providing precision tool products to the Automotive and Aerospace sectors for over 20 years. The same precision and accuracy was designed, developed and deployed by Generation Media Group for Fowlers new website and content management system.

SinclairConstruction.ca - [web]

SinclairConstruction.ca build homes of outstanding quality at affordable prices with a strong emphasis on customer service, which coinsides with the same values that Generation Media Group put into Sinclair Construction's website and content management system.