About Generation Media Group

Harry Scanlan


Harry completed a Computer Programming / Analysis and Design diploma and received the Canadian Information Processing Society Award of Excellence for Most Outstanding System Project which was designed for Genesis Worldwide Inc (GWI). Upon graduation, he spent two years at GWI developing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Genesis Enterprise Manager, which is now sold as a major software component in GWI’s turnkey business solution.

Harry’s previous success in academics prompted the decision to leave Genesis Worldwide Inc. in order to pursue a Bachelor of Computing Degree which he achieved in 2007. His focus quickly shifted from desktop applications to web development and led to a prosperous position at Claris Law as Software Engineer for a national website.

This successful academic and software development career coupled with his ability to be at the leading edge of the computer industry prompted Harry to launch Generation Media Group (GMG) in January 2010. GMG encompasses several multinational web and mobile applications including his most recent endeavor, BerryBlab. Harry is currently an independent contractor for mobile application and mobile web development.